Cancelled Event

If you have already set up a fundraising page with Just Giving or BT My Donate you will need to close the page early. For an event that has been cancelled some of your sponsors may want a refund although experience shows that most people will still donate to your chosen charity. If they do want a refund the system is different for the two platforms (see below).

BT My Donate

Once a donation is registered via the BT My Donate site it is transfered to the charity within a few days and because of this BT My Donate will not issue refunds. If your supporter wants a refund you will have to advise us of their details and amount donated and the refund will thenh be issued direct from The Laura Centre.

Just Giving

Unlike the above situation Just Giving will handle refunds on the charities behalf. You would need to advise us of the details regarding the donor and the amount and we will then authorise Just Giving to issue the refund.

In both instance you should advise Tony Whitmore at The Laura Centre on or call him on 0116 2544341